Apr 15

Watch the 2015 Dodge Challenger reveal live

We have talked about it a few times this year and finally the big day is here. The new Dodge Challenger reveal. Scheduled for Thursday April 17 at 10:30 here in central time we will have a stream of the event. You can find it right here just after the jump. We’ve got a pretty fair idea what the new Challenger will look like. I expect some rear end revisions and maybe some tweaks to the front. The interior will get a big overhaul as well. There will of course be some changes to the underpinning. I think Dodge and SRT are not wanting to mess too much with a good thing. Why would they? The current Challenger is already the best of the new muscle cars so we expect more of that to continue. Tune in Thursday to find out for sure when we will get to the see the Challenger and Charger both.
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Apr 14

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale recap

We all know and love Barrett-Jackson. The celebration of excess, horsepower, and America. While the company has rapidly expanded it’s auctions to many different sites across the country the Palm Beach auction has actually been around quite a while now. While the cars at Palm Beach may not be quite as high dollar as they are out in Scottsdale there is still plenty of high quality collector cars to be purchased.
In fact some may say there are some great bargains to be had at Palm Beach. This years highlights included the first Z7 Z06 Corvette which of course went to Rick Hendricks for a cool 1 million bucks. The first 2015 Z28 Camaro also sold there for a half million bucks. Not chump change by anyone’s standard. We’ve got a small recap and some photos after the jump.
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Apr 14

World Record Dodge Challenger with video!

When you already have the world record for the fastest new Dodge Challenger where do you go from there? Well you smash it by a half second. That was the case with Rob Goss and his HHP Racing Drag Pack Dodge Challenger. With a time of 7.32@187 MPH that is going to be a tough one to beat. In case you are wondering the Challenger is supercharged with a Pro Charger and of course the list of mods don’t stop there.


If you want to see Rob go faster then any new Challenger has ever gone before check out the video after the jump.

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Apr 13

Sunday Commentary: you thought I forgot again

It appears as if the last thing I will do this weekend is write the Sunday Commentary. Another busy week for me kept too much from getting done here at IG but we did manage to have a pretty decent week. The weather seems to finally be getting better here in the Midwest although the forecast is for snow showers over night. I am not too concerned with them as the weather gets back to decent later in the week. We are now less than a month away from the first big show of the year in my area and it is about time. In fact my calender has filled up nicely in the last week and it looks to be a good year for what we do here.
One of the things I’m wondering how to implement in IG this year is video. I’ve stocked up on some video gear, software, and mounts now I just need to sweet talk some people into letting me film their car. In theory it’s easy. There are millions of videos on the internet with cars. Reality is much much harder. So we will see how that goes. Worst case scenario I will get some cool out of car shots at the shows. We will see. In the mean time let’s take a look back at the week that was here at IG.
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Apr 12

Photos from the 2013 Jacksonville Cruise Night Car Show

Finally we return to Jacksonville. A city famous for….well for the big Ferris wheel in the park. Jacksonville was always a car town when I was younger. We’d go there and cruse some times, meet new people, see cars we hadn’t seen. Like a lot of car towns a few bad apples ruined it for everyone and the cruising was stopped by the police. Fortunately for one weekend out of the year the cruising lives on with Cruise Night. Certainly not unique to Jacksonville but it was my first experience as a young kid with a huge car event. I must have been 8 or 10 years old the first time my Dad took me there and it was awesome. I try to go back every chance I get.

Other obligations got in the way of actually going to the Cruise Night event however I did manage to hit the car show the follows the next day. The weather was great and the turn out pretty big. There was something for everyone. So hit the jump for more.
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